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September 20, 2015


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Welcome to Our New Center

We moved our center to a new space in Claremont, CA! Our Robotics Creativity Center is a space for students from 5 years old and above to exercise their creativity as they design, experiment, and program. We started out of our family's living room, moved to a space that was barely a thousand square feet in Pomona, CA and are now in a space double the size. If you are in Southern California or visiting the area, come visit us and say hello! We designed it ourselves - a mega undertaking this summer! Here are some pictures of our new space

Thank you so much for your ongoing support and we hope all is going well for you! We are working on some new, exciting programs and will keep you updated! 

Much love,

Melissa & Lavanya

September 17, 2014


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Pi-Bot V1.5 are a week away!

Our version 1.5 of our kits are ALMOST here! We are going through  final prep and will be shipping out these upgraded kits by next week (9/22). As a reminder to some of our improvements for this version, the main updates include:

  • Higher quality screwdriver
  • Added pliers within the kit
  • New, better speaker that can be used to generate tones
  • Improved spacers and fasteners for smooth assembly (will use a new supplier)

Shipping Update for all Pre-Orders!

We are very excited announce that your pre-orders will be going out this week!!! Domestic Pi-Bot are guaranteed to arrive this month.


It has been quite the journey getting through our Kickstarter orders and we are a day away from our last batch of international Pi-Bots and pledges. Lavanya and I have learned so much these last couple months and thank you for your support, understanding, and your early-bird pre-orders!


We'll update you shortly. Do follow our progress through our Kickstarter updates, our facebook page, and check out our current Pi-Bot manual and codes and video tutorials.


Thank you!


Much love,