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April 16, 2014


1 week in - Keeping Busy!

Tomorrow marks the 1 week mark of our successful Kickstarter campaign! We can't believe how fast time has flown! Similar to our campaign, we have had a pretty diverse group of pre-orders.  Our team can't wait for our Pi-Bot to go global!

So what have we been up to? Well, the post-campaign life is actually busier than the during-campaign life (be ready for any of you out there running your own crowd-funding set-up!) Our team has been working to finalize all components for our 1300+ orders. The focus for the last week has been hardware & production along with communications wrapping up the campaign. Gearboxes are currently ready to go and STEM Boards are on their way. We just got confirmation that our STEM Boards will definitely be equipped with micro-USB port for data connection (one of my personal favorite parts of the board as I can carry one wire around with me to charge my phone and Kindle too :)


*****Note: As with all start-up production efforts, things are subject to change till the official transaction goes through. We are "confirmed"...but we'll still see!***** 


Interesting Fact of the Week:

Saturday, April 12th marked the groundbreaking of the UC Berkeley Jacobs Hall Institute of Design Innovation. At this exciting event, STEM Center USA's co-founder Lavanya Jawaharlal spoke alongside Berkeley Chancellor Nicholas Dirks and Executive Chairman of Qualcomm Dr. Paul Jacobs about the importance of STEM and engineering education!


Much love,


April 10, 2014


A strong finish! 161% funding and 113K+

Welcome to our Pi-Bot Blog!

Here is our "End of the Kickstarter Campaign" Update to our Awesome Pi-Bot Supporters:

Words cannot express how much you all mean to us. We are humbled and amazed by your love and support. We have come a long way and when we say that you are the best backers in the world...we really mean it. You believed in us and we didn't just hit our goal, we blew past it! We are committed to bringing state-of-the-art, affordable robotics education. It is our turn to complete the production process and deliver orders. As our very own "angels", we will keep you informed every step of the way! Here's our plan moving forward and a reminder of what we are doing:

Communications -  We will provide regular updates to you on Kickstarter. Also, if you'd like to follow our progress, our team will be posting a weekly blog on Please continue to message or comment on our page should you have any tips, feedback, or questions!

Pi-Bot Hardware Delivery - We are working to stay on schedule for delivery in June. All Kickstarter deliveries will shipped out of our home to yours. Surveys will be sent out shortly for necessary information (you will only get 1 survey from us so we want to make sure it is 100% ready). Kickstarter funds take a couple weeks to transfer but we are finalizing our orders with the updated stretch goal elements.

Pi-Bot Instructional and Software Delivery - We are working on developing all of the following. We expect to have the following ready and available by June 2014.

  • Pi-Bot Assembly and C Programming Manual
  • Pi-Bot & STEM Board Interactive Electronics Module (stretch goal)
  • Introductory Video Tutorials (stretch goal)
  • Pi-Bot and MiniBloq Program (stretch goal)

Pi-Bot Pre-Orders now available - For friends of yours who missed the campaign, we have set-up a pre-order system. Shipping/handling + applicable taxes will be added to the base Kickstarter Pi-Bot cost. All Kickstarter pledges will be shipped before any pre-orders.

From the bottoms of our hearts, thank you! It is an honor to be supported by you.

Much love,

Lavanya and Melissa